GVPA can now offer CE credits to NYS Psychologists

About GVPA

The Genesee Valley Psychological Association (GVPA) began in 1931 at the University of Rochester as a way for local psychologists to informally discuss matters of common interest and attend academic presentations when noteworthy individuals visited the area. Over the years, numerous topics were presented to the group by esteemed professionals including Clark Hull and Carl Rogers (one of the early presidents of GVPA). The organization has been intimately involved in several important matters pertaining to the practice of psychology including increasing community awareness about the work of psychologists and securing our right to work in areas which had been previously prohibited.

Today, GVPA remains a great venue for networking with psychologists in the Rochester area with a broad range of interests, keeping informed about issues pertinent to the profession, and furthering your professional development. Programming includes an annual day-long conference as well as dinner and breakfast meeting featuring local psychologists, which are held on a quarterly basis. The GVPA Psychologist, our quarterly newsletter, keeps members up to date on issues impacting the profession as well as local happenings. Through the various committees, such as the newsletter, program and insurance, members have the opportunity to utilize various skills, explore professional interests, and contribute to the association.

Members of GVPA are diverse, spanning from those who have been working in the profession for decades to many who are just beginning their careers. Our members also practice psychology in many realms, including private practice, academia, community, and research.